What’s my name?


  1. I think she should be named Scout. Then you have K.C. and Scout. Like the highway camera monitoring system!

  2. Of those 4 choices, definitely Scout. Makes me think of To Kill a Mockingbird! She is ridiculous cute

  3. I like Dixie the best, but understand the name confusion with K.C. So therefore my vote goes with Skeeter. BTW it wouldn’t let me vote for some reason so its a write in.

  4. Out of the four names…Scout for sure!

    Can’t say I like the other 3 at all.

    Just my opinion…:)

  5. @Trudy – yeah, she’s a Missouri dog … but she’s a she 🙂

    Well, looks like we may have to forgo our usual themes of either a city name or Dukes of Hazzard. I think scout is getting our votes, too.

    @James – I was thinking the same thing! KC Scout

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